Manual fanlight opener

OL 95 Surface-mounted slimline skylight opener with an opening width of 220 mm

  • Achieves the full opening width of 220 mm for all casement heights
  • Opening width can be set
  • Suitable for leaf weights up to 60 kg
  • Min. casement height 350 mm
  • Min. leaf width 440 mm
  • Max. leaf width of 3000 mm with three scissors
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  • Low space requirement thanks to flat design of the scissors
  • Integrated leaf locking mechanism in the scissors guarantees safe locking
  • Unhinging inhibitor, lockable hand lever and scissors offer additional safety
  • Lock carrier and additional locks increase safety and air-tightness
  • Scissor disengagement by pressing the release button facilitates window cleaning from inside and outside
  • Completely pre-mounted assembly groups facilitate installation
  • Scissors and link arm can be installed from the front
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Surface-mounted slimline skylight opener with an opening width of 220 mm

Application Areas

  • Comfortable and daily ventilation of rooms and staircases
  • Installation in post-rail constructions possible
  • Inward-opening bottom hung windows
  • Coupling and operation of several windows through corner angle transmission
  • Automation through electric linear drive E 212
  • Installation on wooden, plastic or metal windows
  • Frame installation

Product specifications

OL 95
Length 305 mm
Opening width 220 mm


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