Case studies

A fascinating world of cranes with BAC-based building technology

The new sales and training centre of the crane manufacturer ABUS is both modern and memorable - with fully glazed façades and intelligent building management technology. GEZE has implemented tailor-made BACnet-based solutions in the ABUS KranHaus.

BACnet-based building management technology for the KranHaus

The BACnet-based solutions supplied by GEZE for the ABUS KranHaus meet the most stringent functionality and safety demands, in keeping with the entire 'smart building' concept.

In the KranHalle, the showroom’s spacious entrance area, GEZE created accessible and safe convenience with automatic sliding door systems in an emergency exit design. The sliding doors fit discreetly into the transparent design of the outer façade and vestibule, which also acts as an interlocking door system. In the traditionally slim GEZE 7 cm look, the efficient Slimdrive SL NT drives move the almost three metre-high sliding door leaves, creating an opening width of almost four metres.

Networked RWA exhaust air openings for preventive fire protection

The IO 420 BACnet interface module by GEZE.

Centrally controllable building technology - the IO 420 BACnet interface module by GEZE. © GEZE GmbH

The large roof of the building complex is fully equipped with networked RWA exhaust air openings, creating a quick and economical 2-thread CAN-based BUS solution with the GEZE BUS system. The window technology range delivers the optimal RWA spindle drive according to the size, location and ventilation demands of the individual skylights. The exhaust air openings act as both controlled smoke and heat extractors in the event of a fire, and daily ventilation. MBZ 300 RWA control units in various performance classes handle the supply, co-ordination and monitoring of all RWA drives in the skylights. Networking the RWA exhaust air openings has the added advantage that, with the help of a BUS coupler, fire detection and individual control of the RWA systems can be managed via the fire detector central unit.

Central control of building management technology

The automatic sliding door systems and all RWA exhaust air systems of the roof area can be monitored and operated centrally at any time. They are integrated in the BACnet-based building management system via the interface module IO 420. The status of the skylights (open/closed) and the operating mode of the sliding door (e.g. automatic/night) can easily be viewed and changed. This means that an unwanted open skylight can trigger an alarm in the system, or be closed from a central point. The IO 420 module offers additional security by reporting the status of a sliding door or skylight to the building management technology after a 'command' is executed.

'Live' crane technology - with intelligent safety technology by GEZE

Customised construction components from the KranHaus Customer Solutions division demonstrate how comprehensively GEZE can meet specific demands: the highlight of the four-storey open 'KranHalle' is the double-girder crane. Visitors can take the lift ten metres up, and enjoy a 'live' crane driving experience. GEZE created a double-action door as an entrance to the crane girder, which is incorporated into the glass design of the safety balustrade and opens in both directions. The template for this was the Pendulo glass partitioning wall system with an invisible integrated door closer in the design profile. An electro-motor IQ lock EL lock ensures maximum security. In accordance with the principle of modern machine safety or platform doors, the double-action door unlocks only when it comes to a full stop at the exact holding point. A signal via the crane girder SPS triggers the lock to be released, so that visitors can get on safely. Prior to 'departure' of the crane girder, the glass door closes just as precisely, and self-locks via the IQ lock EL.

GEZE products in the ABUS KranHaus

  • Slimdrive SL NT drive
  • MBZ 300 RWA central control unit
  • IO 420 interface module
  • Pendulo glass partition wall system
  • IQ lock EL lock