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RWA K 600 F Retractable arm drive for installation on windows

RWA K 600 F Retractable arm drive Retractable arm drive is designed for mounting on windows.
  • 90° window opening in less than 60 seconds
  • Powerful drive with high torque
  • Connection cable easy to replace by means of plug
  • Integrated status contact for feedback signals
  • Integrated Syncro module that can operate max. two drives without external control unit
  • SHEV tested according to EN 12101-2
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Retractable arm drive for installation on windows

Application Areas

  • Smoke and heat extraction and natural ventilation (24 V)
  • Inward opening windows with bottom-, top- and side-hung leaves
  • Installation on wooden, PVC or metal windows
  • Frame installation

Product data

RWA K 600 F
Dimensions 421 x 40 x 86 mm
Voltage at operation ± 25 %, ± 25 %
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 1.4 A
Residual ripple (max.) 20 %
Duty rating 30 %
Connection cable length 5 m
Special length of power supply cable 10 m
min. core dimension 0.5 mm²
Number of cables 5 cores
Temperature range -5°C...+75°C
IP rating IP32
protection rating III
Syncro function Yes
Additional locking available Yes
Type of additional locking device Locking drive
Type of stroke shortening Synchronising unit
End position cut-off extended Internal path sensor
End position cut-off retracted Internal path sensor
Overload cut-off Yes
SHEV tested Yes
Synchronisation (max.) 2 drives
Bottom-hung window INWARD-opening frame installation No
Side-hung window INWARD-opening frame installation Yes
Top-hung window INWARD-opening frame installation Yes


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