Modern historical preservation: The 5 star Hotel Richer de Belleval

The luxurious 5 star Hotel and Restaurant Richer de Belleval is located in the heart of the southern French city of Montpellier. The building, which was constructed in the 17th century, has been subject to a preservation order since 2015.  The hotel was fully renovated in consideration of the strict stipulations for working on historically preserved buildings in France. The project produced a magnificent building that houses a gourmet restaurant and foundation for modern art, in addition to the hotel. Modern comfort and historical flair blend in the Richer de Belleval – supported by smart door systems from GEZE.

Richer de Belleval: Historic elements are experiencing a renaissance.

Reception desk and dining hall at the 5 star Hotel Richer de Belleval

Reception desk and dining hall at the 5 star Hotel Richer de Belleval © Samuel Duplaix / GEZE GmbH

The Relais-et-Châteaux house was entrusted to top architect Philippe Prost from Paris, who makes the historic heritage the focus of the restoration process. The work done to the interior courtyard is particularly notable, with a glass roof supported by four pillars that appears to float in the air. Interior architect Christian Collot furnished the 15 rooms and 5 suites in a style “à la française”, with powdery shades and silky materials that harmonise with the original elements. The chimneys, frescoes, and woodwork were carefully restored by the Atelier de Ricou, which specialises in creating painted decor and restoring paintings and sculptures for historical monuments.

Accessible entrance area with non-contact electric strikes

The accessible and non-contact entrance area is equipped with the GC 363 combined detector.

The accessible and non-contact entrance area is equipped with the GC 363 combined detector. © Samuel Duplaix / GEZE GmbH

The entrance area is the most frequented area of a hotel. Automatic doors receive all visitors with comfort, while the renovation ensures barrier-free access as part of an inclusive modernisation project. The GC 363 combined detector controls non-contact opening of the door leaves without applying force. This allows guests to pass through smoothly and safely, entering and leaving the building easily. In addition, the combined detector stands out for its large detection area and movement direction detection: Persons passing the door area in parallel to the door are masked out. This helps the door system save energy, and prevents unnecessary motion from the door opening and closing too frequently.

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The GC 363 combined detector at a glance

  • Radar movement detector with infrared curtain and third presence detector
  • Fades out cross traffic thanks to movement direction detection.
  • Large detection area that works reliably even with difficult ground conditions
  • Suitable for interior and exterior doors
  • Low installation work
  • Adjustable via remote control
Reception and entrance area with the ECdrive T2.

Reception and entrance area with the ECdrive T2. © Samuel Duplaix / GEZE GmbH

Design meets function: Aesthetic comfort with sliding doors from GEZE

Historical and modern influences meet in the entrance area to the building. Two automatic sliding doors lead to the reception desk. The doors, which are motorised with the GEZE ECdrive T2, are discreet and efficient, and blend in perfectly with the interior architecture of the hotel. The door leaves are set directly into the stone wall, allowing them to disappear fully automatically and almost silently when pushed, saving space in a highly aesthetic manner. This allows the streamlined design of the ECdrive T2 to integrate even more unobtrusively into the design concept. The sliding door system is also ideal for doors in high-traffic areas, as is often the case in the hotel and restaurant industry. Energy efficiency is also optimised in combination with the GCprofile Therm profile system.

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Both hygienic and practical: the sliding door to the kitchen is activated with a foot switch.

Both hygienic and practical: the sliding door to the kitchen is activated with a foot switch. © Samuel Duplaix / GEZE GmbH

Pragmatic & beautiful: Foot switch for the kitchen door

The kitchen area shows that pragmatic requirements can be combined with respect for historical buildings. The hotel and restaurant industry are subject to strict guidelines, in particular as fas as food hygiene is concerned. The door solution for access to the kitchen area used in the Hotel Richer de Belleval supports the implementation of these hygiene measures. The sliding door to the kitchen, which, like the entrance area, is equipped with the GEZE ECdrive T2, is activated using a foot switch: this is a hygienic way to use the door without hand contact, and is very practical when carrying dishes, trays, and food. Personnel can move quickly and smoothly between the restaurant and kitchen area. Hygiene is maintained in the transitional space between the kitchen and service areas. The ECdrive T2 sliding door drive also offers advantages for the operator: The self-cleaning roller carriage impresses with its low maintenance requirements. Select, high-quality materials ensure the door runs smoothly and quietly.

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Overview of the ECdrive T2 sliding door drive

  • Slim 100 mm cover height for more design options
  • GEZE Cockpit networking possible
  • Pre-drilled track and oblong holes facilitate efficient installation
  • Floor guide available to divert rainwater
  • Cables installed with integrated cable routing
  • Can be integrated into the building automation system
  • Independent error detection and protocolling
  • Integrated rechargeable battery for emergency opening in the event of a power failure
  • Reduced maintenance work thanks to self-cleaning roller carriages
Escape and rescue routes are equipped with electromechanical GEZE Boxer door closers.

Escape and rescue routes are equipped with electromechanical GEZE Boxer door closers. © Samuel Duplaix / GEZE GmbH

Comfort and fire protection with the GEZE Boxer

In corridors, electromechanical GEZE Boxer door closers keep entrances open and create wide and comfortable passages – even when carrying suitcases and unloading luggage. In case of a fire, the system closes the entrances automatically to prevent fire and smoke from spreading. As an integrated door closer, it is inset completely into the door leaf and not visible from the outside – making it ideal for buildings with high aesthetic requirements like the Hotel Richer de Belleval.

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Overview of the Boxer integrated door closer:

  • Door closer inset into the door leaf and frame for the most demanding design stipulations.
  • Integrated back check decelerates doors that are thrown open
  • Hydraulic latching action
  • Individually adjustable closing speed
  • Fire and smoke protection doors, (proof of suitability for door necessary)
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion