TSA 160 NT

TSA 160 NT Electro-hydraulic swing door drive for single leaf doors up to 250 kg

  • Closing force with variable adjustment from EN3-6
  • Opening and closing force can be adapted individually
  • Hydraulic latching action which accelerates the door shortly before the closed position
  • Mechanical and electrical closing sequence control holds the active leaf in the waiting position until the passive leaf is closed
  • Vestibule function regulates the opening and closing of two doors in sequence (interlocking door system)
  • Integrated back check, slows down doors that are thrown open forcefully
  • Automatic reversing detects an obstacle and returns to the opening position
  • Push & Go function triggers the automatic drive components following light manual pressure on the door leaf
  • Drive can be used with roller guide rail or link arm
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Electro-hydraulic swing door drive for single leaf doors up to 250 kg

Application Areas

  • Single leaf right and left single-action doors
  • Single-action doors up to 1400 mm leaf width and 250 kg weight
  • Interior and exterior doors with high access frequency
  • Door leaf installation and transom installation

Product specifications

TSA 160 NT
Productname GEZE TSA 160 NT
Productname TSA 160 NT
Height 100 mm
Overall depth 690 mm
Depth 121 mm
Leaf weight (max.) 1-leaf 250 kg
Hinge clearance (min.-max.) 2-leaf 1470 mm 2800 mm



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