Door control

T-Stop guide rail For opening restriction or hold-open of doors without door closer

  • Holds doors without door closer open, not self-closing
  • Can be used for right and left hand doors without conversion
  • The door opening angle is limited and a door stopper is usually no longer required
  • Door area is more attractive without door stopper, no tripping hazards or dirty corners
  • Crushing between the door leaf and floor mounted door stopper is avoided
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For opening restriction or hold-open of doors without door closer

Application Areas

  • Right and left single-action doors
  • Opening restrictor for single-action doors without door closer
  • Door systems without smoke and fire protection requirements
  • For combination of an automatic swing door drive with a TS 5000 on double leaf door systems

Product specifications

T-Stop guide rail
Type of installation Door leaf installation hinge side, Transom installation opposite hinge side, Transom installation hinge side, Door leaf installation opposite hinge side
Suitability for fire protection doors No
Free swing function No
Adjustable closing speed No
Latching action speed, adjustable No
Delayed closing integrated No
Integrated opening assistance No
Visual closing force display No
Integrated hold-open device Optional
Integrated smoke switch No
Integrated closing sequence control No



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