MSW with IGG panels

MSW double-action doors - fixed hinged - IGG Closure element of movable glass partitioning walls in IGG design

  • Circumferential integrated profile to accommodate the functional units
  • Continuous glass surface - no profile visible
  • High-quality architectural design standard
  • ESG 6 mm or 8 mm applicable glued on both sides with profile
  • Element weight up to 125 kg
  • Can be combined with all other element types
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  • Can be combined with floor-mounted bearing or floor spring
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Application Areas

  • Indoors and protected outdoor area
  • Position at the stacking area of the glass partitioning wall
  • Can be used for linear axis profiles
  • Applicable up to 3500 mm clear height
  • Applicable up to 1250 mm element width

Product specifications

MSW double-action doors - fixed hinged - IGG


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