Locking elements

FTV 320 Escape door lock for doors in rescue routes

  • Unique cross latch mechanism guarantees secure locking
  • Integrated feedback contact ensures reliable monitoring of the door
  • Integrated sabotage monitoring secures the lock against manipulation
  • Variety of face plates and accessories offers a solution for almost every door situation
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Escape door lock for doors in rescue routes

Application Areas

  • EltVTR-compliant locking of an emergency exit to prevent unauthorised access
  • Single and double leaf doors
  • Installation in the frame or door leaf ensures a tidy appearance
  • Can be used for numerous other safety solutions that require a fail-safe principle

Product specifications

FTV 320
Width 15 mm
Height 138 mm
Depth 37 mm
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 100 mA
Temperature range -20 °C - 60 °C
IP rating IP30
DIN direction in the door frame, in the door leaf
EltVTR Yes



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