TZ 300 SN UP

TZ 300 SN AP Door control unit for controlling individual escape route doors with key switch and power supply

  • Full-area operable impact cover enables fast and safe activation of the illuminated emergency button in panic situations
  • Coloured connectors simplify installation
  • Consistent design allows easy replacement with a networkable TZ 320
  • Integrated signal transmitters can easily be extended by additional external signal transmitters
  • Integrated power supply offers additional flexibility
  • Integrated key switch enables authorised access to emergency exit
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Application Areas

  • EltVTR-compliant protection of an emergency exit against unauthorised access
  • Can be used on single and double leaf doors
  • Integrated interface enables the emergency exit to be unlocked via a danger alarm system
  • Surface mounting allows subsequent installation on the door with little effort

Product specifications

TZ 300 SN AP
Width 77 mm
Height 197 mm
Installation depth 88 mm
Illuminated No
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Supply voltage 230 V
Current consumption 100 mA
Power supply for external devices 650 mA
Contact rating 30 V / 1 A
Sabotage contact Yes
Number of inputs 1 Stk.
Number of outputs 1 Stk.
Emergency button Yes
Delayed emergency button No
Visual display yes
Acoustic signal 75 dB
Temperature range -10 °C - 55 °C
IP rating IP30
Type of installation surface-mounting
With ribbon cable Yes
EltVTR Yes


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