GEZE F 1200+ drive Safe and easy operation of heavy room height windows

GEZE, the innovative window, door and safety specialist, offers a special drive for opening and locking large, room height windows: The F 1200+. The window drive is designed for applications such as large, heavy turn-and-tilt and tilt windows up to 3.50 meters tall, 2.40 meters leaf width and 200 kilogram leaf weight: A powerful, yet very quiet drive can move the window to the desired tilt position and unlock the window, so as to allow for a manual turning position. The drive can be easily integrated into automated control concepts via the GEZE IQ box KNX.

Easy operation of windows at room height

Close-up view of the window drive on an office building

The new F 1200+ window drive from GEZE can be used for safe and easy operation of heavy room height windows. © Exorbitart / GEZE GmbH

Floor-to-ceiling windows or windows with large surface areas are now considered standard especially in high-quality hotel and office spaces, as well as in public buildings. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, however, large windows also improve well-being in the space. Users appreciate the natural light and the option of natural ventilation. With the F 1200+, GEZE presents a drive which can be used to easily open even very large and heavy turn-and-tilt windows made of aluminium either automatically or manually at the push of a button. 

The modern and sleek design of the window drive provides a large amount of creative freedom for architects and planners. Modern façades with large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide fresh air and contribute to the energy efficiency of the overall building can be created with the F 1200+. GEZE received the Iconic Award – “Best of Best” for the outstanding product design of the F 1200+. The innovative window drive impressed the jury of the German Design Council in the “Product” category.<br/>  

Maximum comfort and safety

Close-up view of the window area on an office building

The F 1200+ drive is designed for turn-and-tilt and tilt windows up to 3.50 meters tall, 2.40 meters leaf width and 200 kilogram leaf weight. © Exorbitart / GEZE GmbH

The F 1200+ is designed for use in combination with the F 1200 window fitting for turn-and-tilt windows up to 3.50 meters tall and 2.40 meter leaf width, as well as a weight of up to 200 kilograms per leaf. The drive opens and closes the leaf in a tilt position for natural ventilation, while also assuming the locking function. The window can be completely opened for airing the room, thanks to the manual turn function. Manual opening in the turn position is also an advantage for maintenance works, and when cleaning the window glass. To ensure user safety, a mechanical lock or parameter setting on the drive prevents unauthorised persons from opening the leaf in the turning position.

For automated natural ventilation solutions

F 1200+ product view

Thanks to the KNX compatibility of the F 1200+, windows can be integrated into the higher-ranking building management systems. © GEZE GmbH

The F 1200+ drive can be networked via the IQ box KNX. Thanks to the KNX compatibility of the drive, the windows can be integrated intelligently into the higher-level building automation and equipped with different ventilation scenarios. At the same time, the F 1200+ enables a user in the room to activate the windows directly via an integrated control panel on the drive. During manual operation, the control panel is activated via a proximity sensor. The intuitive operation concept makes it possible for users, such as hotel guests, to handle it safely even without previous training. Thanks to visual status and safety notifications, the integrated LED display guarantees enhanced user safety. Visually, the operating panel gives the room a modern look, and replaces a classic window handle.

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