BAU 2019 press release

At BAU trade fair in Munich in hall B1, stand 538-539, from 14 to 19 January 2019 we will be displaying systems and solutions which support our customers and partners in all stages of the building life cycle. Our way is “Connecting expertise – building solutions”. Press releases on our trade fair highlights are available to you.

Building automation

GEZE Cockpit building automation system

Buildings become more liveable – safer, more efficient and more comfortable – when products from different subsections of the building communicate with each other. GEZE Cockpit, the first door, window and safety technology system, successfully achieves this. GEZE demonstrates how automated products can be networked and centrally operated and monitored. The building automation system can work independently, or be integrated into a building management system.

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Networked and smart doors and windows

The interdisciplinary networking of door and window technology with smart software and open interfaces provides completely new options for planners and operators in terms of building automation. The BACnet communication standard enables the full intelligence of GEZE products (i.e. all available control options and status information) to be integrated into the building automation system using GEZE Cockpit. The truly ‘intelligent’ operation of doors and windows is possible because the system allows data from other devices and subsystems to be used. Doors and windows can therefore be controlled and monitored with the highest degree of precision.

  • seasonal setting of the opening width of an automatic sliding door
  • opening and closing of a window according to the external temperature, in coordination with weather stations and heating systems

Scenarios – the right reaction, automatically

Individual scenarios can be saved in GEZE Cockpit, so that doors and windows are opened and closed or doors locked automatically. This is triggered either by time or by a specific event.

  • door monitoring and control, operating mode changes
  • for targeted escape route release
  • intelligent smoke and heat extraction

This also means that time-consuming inspections are no longer necessary, since the status of each connected element is reported. Malfunctioning doors, alarm and error messages can be easily identified and countermeasures implemented immediately.

Always a great atmosphere

Ventilation scenarios ensure an optimal indoor climate through the interplay of subsections. Integrated in GEZE Cockpit, the façade technology responds to changing climatic conditions.

  • windows close according to the exterior temperature, rain/wind
  • windows open according to the ambient temperature and air quality in the room
  • energy-efficient night-time back cooling, e.g. in office blocks

The optimal GEZE Cockpit in any building

The system can be adapted to individual requirements – whether installed in airports, clinics, exhibition halls, office blocks or shopping centres. Because there’s not just one GEZE Cockpit, we get involved in networking projects at the earliest opportunity and remain involved for longer. This ensures that all our customers’ and partners’ needs and the building requirements are met, and no questions are left unanswered, creating comprehensive and efficient solutions with the greatest added value. To achieve this, we connect all building development personnel in an efficient network and provide inspirational impulses – all in keeping with our slogan, ‘Connecting expertise – building solutions’.

Support in all project stages

  • planning/project planning and management
  • configuration and commissioning
  • operator training
  • maintenance and support

Coordinated service packages

GEZE Cockpit features three different applications, depending on the situation and to cover a wide variety of building requirements: GEZE Cockpit BASIC, GEZE Cockpit VISU, GEZE Cockpit VISU+. Whichever software configuration is implemented, the comprehensive service package and the expertise of our networking specialists are always included.

Automatic door systems

Thermally separated sliding doors

Sliding door systems with insulation glazing and thermal separation of frame profiles make an important contribution to thermal insulation in façade entrances. Following further developments, the reliable automatic ECdrive sliding door system can now also be used with thermally separated profiles. It turns sliding doors into designer energy-saving doors, ensuring a maximum 'perspective‘.

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Minimising heat loss

The thermal insulation qualities of the new thermally separated profile system, in combination with the new ECdrive drive, reduce heat loss in large glass sliding doors, shop fronts, hospital entrances and hotels.

  • Thermal bridges avoided
  • The heat transition coefficient of complete glass sliding door systems is significantly smaller than that of conventional profiles
  • Glass thicknesses of 32 mm can be used for double or triple insulation glazing with Ug values of 1.0 and 0.8 respectively

Discreet door design – quiet movement

Door leaves weighing up to 140 kg can be created with an optional double roller carriage by using ECdrive. This means that higher leaf weights resulting from the use of multiple insulation glazing, for example, can be met

  • the height of the drive cover has been significantly reduced by 100 millimetres
  • the door design is more discreet and elegant
  • reinforced tracks for light and quiet movement, and a longer lifespan for heavy door leaves

Thermally separated door systems

If the new ECdrive is combined with thermally separated profiles, together with thermally separated fanlights – all fine-framed – the result is a complete door system with optimal thermal insulation, which is also a door design highlight. Fanlights are available with single or double partition, including side façade panels, fulfilling demands for door systems with maximum transparency. Why? Because we develop solutions for our customers' needs and provide inspirational impulses which offer them even more benefits.

Safe and networked

For added safety against uninvited guests, even during night operation, the frame profiles can be equipped with a manual or motorised hook bolt lock.

Like all GEZE automatic doors, the ECdrive drive system

  • meets maximum user safety standards in accordance with DIN 18650-1/2 and DIN EN 16005, and
  • can be integrated into BACnet networking solutions with the GEZE Cockpit building automation system

Installation and maintenance: more efficient and convenient

Installing and aligning the ECdrive door drive is quick and easy, thanks to a pre-drilled track with elongated holes. With regard to maintenance, a new service interface on the drive provides an easy connection with the service terminal or Bluetooth interface.

Individual service concepts

We offer excellent service, which continues long after delivery of the ECdrive sliding door system with thermally separated profiles. As a professional partner for door systems, we support automatic doors throughout their entire life cycle with service and maintenance - naturally tailored to you.

Door technology

Quiet, powerful and barrier-free in any environment: the new door closer TS 5000 SoftClose

People who live near doors with door closers – on the ground floor, for instance – are glad that they do not have to hear constant slamming. The GEZE TS 5000 SoftClose is an overhead door closer which combines silence with preventive fire protection. It has already received a prestigious award.

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Door closers without closing noise

The ‘strength’ of the TS 5000 SoftClose is its individually adjustable closing speed before the door reaches the closing position, combined with the strong closing force of the TS 5000. This results in the reliable, safe and quiet closure of automatically closing doors, even in unfavourable conditions. For example, in mostly narrow interlocking door systems in subterranean garages, stairwells or exterior doors, where the wind has an adverse effect on closing doors.

No door slamming anymore

  • Door slamming is prevented by damping the door shortly before the closing position
  • Optimised closing: doors are pulled securely into the lock with uniform force
  • adjustment of the latching action or braking of the door leaf to the last opening degree

Flexible for individual requirements

The focus of our work is on what our customers and partners need. That is why we always discuss future challenges or proposed projects with them. Our development potential makes us flexible, which enables us to quickly meet customer requirements with solutions such as the TS 5000 SoftClose.

Added value for users, operators and planners

We are involved in projects from the brainstorming stage, and combine the industrial and technical expertise of all parties involved to create the most beneficial door solutions. We thus support the use of the TS 5000 SoftClose in buildings such as clinics, hotels or apartment blocks, where its superior properties are especially important. We want buildings to be more liveable, flexibly designed and efficiently operated.

Other advantages at a glance

  • accessible in accordance with DIN 18040, for leaf widths up to 1,100 mm
  • can easily be exchanged with all versions from the TS 5000 series
  • range of applications identical to that of TS 5000 door closers
  • suitable for single and double-leaf doors and different system variants (e.g. with electric hold-open device or integrated smoke switch)
  • individually adjustable closing speed in the door opening angle range between 15° and 180°

Award for high quality

The TS 5000 SoftClose door closer was declared the winner in the 'Building fixtures' category at the ICONIC Awards 2019: Innovative Interior – the highest award in the Building Equipment category. It impressed the judges with its excellent practical values, functionality, serviceability and degree of innovation.

Smoke switch control unit with telescope function

Smoke switch control units in hold-open systems must always function flawlessly, so that doors close reliably in the event of fire. With the new RSZ 7 intelligent smoke switch control unit with telescope function, GEZE demonstrates that this is possible, even if the structural conditions of the lintel are unfavourable.

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The solution for ‘space problems’

The new flexible solution is ideal for lintels with too little room above the smoke chamber for the unobstructed supply of air or smoke. The smoke detector is telescopically extendible and retractable, and can bridge overhangs of 30 millimetres.

With the new RSZ7 smoke switch control unit, the

  • specified minimum distance between the smoke switch control unit and the lintel is always guaranteed
  • smoke is always accurately detected

Easy connection

The smoke switch control unit is connected to the 230 V power grid by means of an integrated power supply.

  • 24 V supply voltage to the connected GEZE hold-open device (hold-open magnet on the wall and magnetic counter plate)
  • installation above the active leaf on the vertical wall for early detection of fire and smoke

Reliable safety – long life span

In the event of an alarm, the voltage supply to the hold-open devices is interrupted and the doors close immediately. Connection of two additional ceiling-mounted detectors – also cable-free – via the new wireless extension FA GC 170 is possible depending on requirements.

The integrated smoke switch of the RSZ 7 has a function for the automatic adaptation of the alarm threshold

  • compensation of contamination in the smoke chamber
  • reliable security and increased life span

Enhancing hold-open systems – Convenient wireless operation

A hold-open system ensures fire protection doors are fully accessible. With the new FA GC 170 wireless extension for hold-open systems, GEZE demonstrates how achieved hold-open system can be expanded without additional cable connections. The system has already received two awards, and is in use in a listed building.

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The unique extension solution makes GEZE hold-open systems even safer, more comfortable and more discreet. We understand how important visual criteria and easy installation are in addition to functionality, because we are in constant dialogue with our customers and partners to meet requirements in our inspiring product solutions. GEZE’s wireless hold-open systems support the appearance of a room, thanks to their virtually invisible installation.

kit 171 172 173 175 switch system FA GC 170 wireless extension GC GC GC GC manual trigger hol-open TS 5000 RFS

Components of the wireless extension

Extra cables are a thing of the past

The new GEZE FA GC 170 wireless extension replaces cable connections with wireless solutions. The system has the great advantage of not needing any additional cables.

The wireless extension components are easily connected to existing systems via a wireless module. FA GC 170 is therefore also a retro-fit solution that enables ceiling-mounted smoke detectors and manual trigger switches on GEZE hold-open systems to be connected wirelessly to the wireless module on the lintel-mounted detector.

No structural changes necessary

Construction work such as the knocking-through of walls and ceilings is not necessary. That facilitates planning.

The installation of the wireless extension is the ideal solution

  • in listed buildings
  • if structural changes are not desired, or are not at all viable

We offer a unique solution for hold-open systems with wireless components with

  • a general construction technique permit

That means

  • avoiding non-approved object-specific enhancement solutions
  • no expensive and time-consuming approval processes

Fast and simple connection – low maintenance

All components of the wireless extension are connected via a DIP switch. The wireless module at the heart of the wireless system enables wireless communication between the virtually invisible lintel-mounted smoke detector and various wireless devices (e.g. the wireless ceiling-mounted smoke detector or the wireless ceiling-mounted thermal detector and wireless module to the manual trigger switch).

Further advantages are:

  • flexible system design: connect up to six wireless devices
  • can be fitted to ceilings with special structural features
  • optimised for all GEZE hold-open systems
  • tested in accordance with the European DIN EN 5425 standard for fire alarm systems
  • 5-year battery life and low maintenance
  • GEZE FA GC 170 wireless extension has already won two awards: the German Design Award 2019 in the category „Building & Elements“ and the ICONIC AWARDS: Innovative Architecture 2018 in the category „Product“

Erfolgreich im Einsatz in historischem Gebäude

Wie die GEZE Brandschutzlösung mit kabellosen Feststellanlagen das denkmalgeschützte Gebäude des Unternehmerverbandes Dortmund für die Beschäftigten und Besucher lebenswerter macht und von welchen Vorteilen die Betreiber profitieren, darüber haben wir einen Objektbericht verfasst.

Operating manual sliding wall systems (MSW) safely and conveniently

Manual sliding wall systems by GEZE create an open, inviting atmosphere in shop fronts in shopping malls. To open the system fronts, the glass elements are simply pushed together and elegantly 'stacked'. With the new automatic MSW Comfort locking concept, we demonstrate how manual sliding wall systems can be operated even more conveniently and easily. And all this without the bother of bending.

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As easy as opening a door

In the future, handling movable all-glass sliding wall systems will be as easy as easily and safely opening and closing a door. Movable shop fronts often need to be operated not only in the morning and evening, but several times throughout the day as well. People who work in shopping centre stores and building operators have given us the inspiration to further improve our manual sliding wall systems.

Kind on backs and time-saving

The new MSW Comfort vertically locks the glass elements into the floor while simultaneously locking the elements together, by means of an activator unit. This means that manual sliding wall systems can easily be locked and unlocked by moving the elements.

  • no extra manual operation needed for lower element profile
  • significantly faster ‘manual’ opening or closing of MSW shop fronts

Safety with design

Convenient operation is even possible for segmented system fronts with a directional change from element to element of up to 15 degrees.

  • no visible locking elements on the front
  • no disruption to the clear design
  • manipulation of the locking position not possible from the outside
  • assurance that MSW shop fronts are safely locked

Your partner for planning

Our aim is to create product and service-based solutions, and so comprehensively and optimally support our customers and partners, and help them gain advantages over the competition.

With the help of our apps and planning tools, we support our customers and partners in creating complete manual sliding wall systems in all stages of a project.

  • just a few steps to create comprehensive planning documents using the MSW configuration tool
  • easy and quick installation, thanks to automatically generated layout and detail drawings
  • direct ordering of configured manual sliding wall systems via the customer portal
Window technology

Window drives: Complete ventilation even at 230 volts

GEZE is automating a wide variety of windows across many different areas. We now present Slimchain, the sleekest and most discreet chain drive in the window drive portfolio, now also available as a 230 V variant for natural ventilation, and will demonstrate how easy connection, installation and commissioning are.

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The new generation of Slimchain drives have the following added value compared to the 24 V variants:

  • 230 V connection directly to the drive (without additional power supplies)
  • easy wiring thanks to an integrated voltage supply
  • concealed line-feed to the drive with the help of GEZE console technology
  • exceptionally easy commissioning and parameter setting, thanks to easy access to services

We have met this customer demand by supplementing the wide range of uses for the Slimchain, which fits into any façade. The new generation of the GEZE Slimchain 230 V drives is the result of intelligent development, and provides the perfect solution for natural ventilation in façade areas by covering all kinds of buildings and functions.

  • in schools, office buildings, hospitals, sports venues
  • in your own home

Wide range of applications

  • Slimchain 230 Volt can be used for a wide variety of window sizes and opening demands
  • Stroke lengths of 200, 300, 500 and 800 mm with adjustable lengths
  • Drive stroke and opening speed can be individually set by using intelligent electronics
  • the intuitive Smart fix installation system enables quick and easy drive fixing, even in difficult situations
  • Good accessibility to the connection cable reduces the cost of exchanging cables and maintenance
Safety technology

Better and easier combinations with self-locking panic locks

Self-locking panic locks offer you quick opening doors in an emergency, controlled access and burglar resistance. GEZE presents IQ locks with new and optimised features. The combination of lock components in the door simplifies the installation, commissioning and parameter setting of the whole lock system.

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Integrated control unit

In the electrical IQ lock EL variant, the motor lock control unit is integrated into the housing. No additional installation is needed. In combination with the GEZE IQ lock Emergency Power emergency power buffer mounted directly in the door leaf, and an automatic swing door drive, a complete automatic fire protection door system can be realised.

Other benefits

Service Solutions

BIM – Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Complete door planning is now even easier

Using GEZE BIM objects for the door technology program, construction projects can now be designed and implemented even faster, easier and more safely. The GEZE BIM solution with only five elements for complete door planning now has additional new features, including the "door library", and further advantages – also for international requirements.

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Door product group made easy

Our strength lies in thinking in terms of products and software solutions as well as services for our customers and partners. We join projects very early on and remain involved for longer. That's why architects no longer have to regard the door product group as one of the most complex components, especially in larger buildings with multifunctional door systems. Individually produced GEZE BIM objects facilitate holistic, comprehensive and efficient door planning in all project phases, from the initial idea, planning and execution to operation and potential dismantling.

BIM door objects for all common CAD programs

As a system provider and specialist in door and safety technology, we provide BIM door objects for the following CAD systems:

  • Autodesk Revit
  • Graphisoft Archicad
  • Nemetschek Allplan

Architects, planners and specialists such as GEZE consultants can work together to design doors.

Five elements for complete door planning

GEZE’s BIM solution is characterised by the fact that five multifunctional basic types are sufficient as virtual BIM objects. This allows all doors, including

  • swing doors
  • sliding doors
  • revolving doors
  • as well as attachments: door drives or door closers

to be configured and displayed in the CAD system, and integrated into the virtual building model. Stored logics provide door planning through available product features. This ensures high planning security even during the early planning phases.

Working together on one model

Another significant advantage of GEZE BIM objects is that everyone involved in building planning can work together in a structured way on the 3D models of the projects created. This allows information to be exchanged at the earliest possible stage, and errors to be detected and corrected immediately.

Door or element lists at the touch of a button

GEZE BIM objects are compatible with the leading CAD programs. A complete door object is always issued, not just an attachment. Incorrect attachment positioning or mounting positions are therefore eliminated. As a result, reliable door or element lists can be generated at the touch of a button and can be created safely while also saving time.

The door library

New are door libraries for the most common door applications. From a collection of different installation and usage situations, the planner can easily and quickly select suitable doors for his object and integrate them into his model, such as entrance solutions or fire protection doors. This makes door planning easier and clearer.

BIM constantly develops – continued optimisation

We connect all the project participants, support our customers and partners with our know-how and always remain part of the dialogue. This ensures that GEZE’s solution for Building Information Modelling continues to evolve constantly and meets national as well as international requirements.

Revit in four languages – country-specific expansion possible

GEZE BIM objects are now available for the most common CAD program Revit

  • and are even more easily usable in
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

A further advantage: Revit projects can be expanded with country-specific information.

GEZE BIM objects are available for download at

Our BIM experts will gladly answer any further questions. Email:

GEZE BIM objects – easier planning at a glance

  • all door solutions can be generated with five basic types
  • usable for all common CAD programs
  • easy and comfortable to use
  • flexibly usable in every project phase
  • individually adaptable depending on the country or project
  • new door libraries for all common CAD programs
  • complete door or element lists at the touch of a button
  • usable offline and without plug-in
  • GEZE experts can share their experience with planning offices
  • decisions can be incorporated in the door solution at any time