BAU 2017: the GEZE front door pack

It converts a simple entrance door into an automated access solution that can be integrated into an existing smart home system. With the new modular and individual GEZE front door pack, even small public buildings and homes and apartments can be optimised to create a Smart Home with intelligent solutions, with GEZE promising customised solutions from a single source.

Accessible, safe and ‘smart’

We’ve all been there: Standing outside your front door with your hands full, you have to put everything down to get the key out of your pocket and unlock the door. Or you are sitting in your car and not certain whether you closed the door behind you properly when you left the house. Or you may have restricted mobility and be dependent on an accessible front door solution. Last but not least, automated and always secure closing and locking of the front door increases our sense of security and creates energy-saving potential.

Inside ECturn private residence

Integrated electromechanical swing door drive for barrier-free single leaf doors up to 125 kg, installed in a private residence © GEZE GmbH

Customised front door packs

The flexible choice of components enables customised front door packs to be compiled for every user demand, e.g. unlocking of the door via biometric access control with a ‘fingerprint’ or an opening time that is aligned to a pram passing through.

Users and installation companies receive a plug & play complete system that can be integrated quickly and easily in the door and frame. The central system component is the ECturn Inside swing door drive, which can be combined with various access elements and locks: a multi-point locking device, a stand-alone access control system and the necessary cable harnesses and cable transitions. The front door pack can be integrated into an existing Smart Home system via a corresponding gateway (e.g. a KNX door actuator), so that the door status can be displayed and monitored.

ECturn Inside: accessibility inside and out

The ECturn Inside swing door drive combines accessibility and safety with optimal door design. Its dimensions are so small that it can be integrated – without impairing the visual appearance – into the door leaf or frame of internal or external doors with door leaf widths of up to 1,100 millimetres and door leaf weights up to 125 kilograms. ECturn Inside can be operated in low-energy or automatic mode. In low-energy mode, it moves the swing door at a reduced speed, thus complying with the safety requirements of DIN 18650 / EN 16005. It can also be operated manually through Push-to-Open or Push-to-Close – so the door is opened and closed by lightly touching it.