GEZE front door pack

The GEZE front door pack is the barrier-free solution for private entrance doors for houses and apartment buildings. Users and installation companies benefit from a modular solution that can be arranged as needed - everything from a single source. The combination of an automated swing door drive such as the ECturn Inside, an access control system such as a fingerprint solution, a multiple locking and the necessary cable harnesses and cable transitions forms a comforting, secure and energy-efficient access solution, including Smart Home connection.

Benefits for the end user

• Accessibility for convenience: An additional comfort is offered for any living situation. You can open the door easily and without barriers.

• Energy saving and increased security: The swing door drive enables secure closing at all times. In addition, this solution supports you when saving energy, as the door closes tight and does not have to remain open unnecessarily for a long time.

• Smart Home connection: If required, the package can be connected to an existing Smart Home system. As a result, the door is not an isolated solution in a networked house.

Additional benefits for installation companies, door manufacturers and distributors

• Customised packages: Thanks to the flexibility offered when selecting components, highly customised packages can be created that will provide the perfect solution for any customer need.

• Plug&Play: The installation company receives a fully prepared system that only needs to be inserted into the door.

• Everything from a single source: The entire system can be obtained from a single source. The installation companies and/or distributors have only one contact for all system components.