State-of-the-art automatic doors from GEZE at the main entrance to the new justice centre:
Foto: GEZE GmbH
Automatic door convenience, security and design: four security interlocking door systems were implemented with Slimdrive EMD-F swing door systems. Photo: GEZE GmbH
GEZE multifunctional door systems in the escape and rescue route: free escape routes and simultaneously secured doors for the protection of sensitive areas are controlled by the TZ 320 door control unit. Photo: GEZE GmbH
GEZE free swing door closers with the unique comfort hold-open function are invisibly integrated into the door leaf in the entrances to the court rooms. Photo: GEZE GmbH
For barrier-free use, GEZE fire section doors are kept open by hold-open systems with TS 5000 door closers. Photos: GEZE GmbH
Foto: GEZE GmbH

Safety, convenience and design with state-of-the-art automatic doors and safety technology from GEZE


Three wings of different sizes make up the new justice centre in Gelsenkirchen. In a slightly displaced arrangement, a building was created with a total of 19,000 square metres of usage area. For the architects of the Stuttgart office Harris + Kurrle, it was not the combined institutions that were the focus in terms of the structuring of the building, but the functions. The building concept was implemented by the Stuttgart engineering and industrial construction company Wolff & Müller and is designed to create synergies and reduce costs over the long term. The biggest component is accommodated by all public areas. All court rooms, the library, the land register and the cafeteria are arranged around an atrium. The administrations of the jurisdictions are located in the two smaller wings. The innovative functionality and the high quality of the GEZE automatic door and safety solutions support the efficiency and safety of the judicial operations with a high degree of convenience for all users. With its discreet, uniform appearance, the systems fit in perfectly into the contemporary, purist architecture.


The "robust" Powerturn drive systems move the large and heavy glass leaves of the three double-leaf swing door systems in the representative entrance area quietly and easily. The drives, which are only 7 centimetres high as is typical for GEZE, proved to be the optimal solution for guaranteeing the continuous flow of pedestrians with barrier-free access convenience. The Smart swing function makes it possible to also open the glass leaves without much effort. It is a prime example for Universal Design and also reduces energy consumption - be it in a permanently open position or in operation. The Powerturn was awarded two Plus X Awards for the variety of its functional and design options: the innovation prize (2015) and in its category as Best Product of 2015/16. It also won the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a globally recognised sustainability certificate.


GEZE increases the sense of security for building users

The principle of transparency is part of German procedural law. The largest possible level of security and protection for those summoned, witnesses, lawyers, judges, administration staff, visitors and the proceedings audience are therefore standard in contemporary court buildings. The Slimdrive EMD-F swing door systems in the security interlocking door systems are therefore a perfect supplement to the Powerturn drives as entrances to the atrium. One of the interlocking door systems is reserved as the entrance for the court staff via an access control system. Two others are used as individualisation systems to check all other groups of people. The fourth interlocking door system serves as an exit and prevents uncontrolled access to the atrium. Here, the outer door only opens when the inner one is closed. The automatic opening and closing convenience of the Slimdrive EMD-F swing door system enables quicker entry and leaving of the security interlocking door systems and increases the efficiency of the identity checks by the security staff. This security solution is particularly suitable for narrow door profiles and narrower spaces, as can mostly be found in interlocking door systems.


In buildings in which many people can be found, escape routes and the corresponding control systems are essential. As multi-functional door systems, escape and rescue routes in the atrium and in the building shell guarantee free passage in the event of danger in the escape route and protection from unauthorised access from outdoors. The TZ 320 door control unit, as the core piece of the escape route control, secures and monitors all opening and closing processes of the escape doors. If the emergency button is pressed, they open in the direction of the escape route at all times and for everyone. At the same time, an alarm is triggered so that the incorrect operation or manipulation can be noted and clarified immediately.


Door technology with complex tasks: fire protection and accessibility

With the GEZE door closer programme, preventative fire protection and accessibility were combined in the entire building complex on more than one hundred doors. This complex requirement was implemented, for instance, with the free swing door closers of the TS 5000 series. In the representative court rooms, the Boxer variants integrated in the door were implemented. These do not interrupt the door appearance as they are not visible from the outside. The free swing function allows the doors to be opened with only a small application of force in opening and closing directions. In day-to-day use, the doors behave as if no door closer were in place. They are therefore suitable for effortless passage of people restricted in their mobility. In the event of a fire, the doors close reliably and safely. With the unique comfort hold-open function, the doors can also be stopped at the end of the free swing area and held open permanently, naturally without affecting independent closing in the event of fire.


In other door situations, single and double-leaf fire section doors are kept open electromechanically for barrier-free use of hold-open systems. Compact and optically discreet, these solutions are fitted with TS 5000 R-ISM door closers with a comprehensive guide rail system, in which all components of the hold-open system are integrated. If a hold-open system is deactivated by a power failure or triggered by a fire alarm, the door closers ensure a safe closing of the fire protection door and ensure the fire protection function works as it should.