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MSW SmartGuide

Intelligent MSW solutions from GEZE allow the consistent realisation of generous, modern architecture and are setting benchmarks in the design-oriented entrance areas of shop fronts.

Manual sliding wall systems (MSW) from GEZE with unique SmartGuide technology are convincing on account of their functional and aesthetic perfection. They provide ideal new design options for modern shop fitting. 

Product details:

  • Completely new design options for the system thanks to reversing the guiding side on the carriage
  • No more swing door end panels
  • Completely open entrance area, e.g. in shop fitting is possible without any restrictions on comfort and handling
  • The systems are an aesthetic design highlight
  • Modularity of the track system allows exactly fitting solutions to be created for every environment
  • A triggering unit integrated in the track automatically triggers reversing of the guide roller
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Systems can be planned with only a few specifications necessary using the MSW configuration tool in the GEZE System-Shop