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TSA 325 NT manual

GEZE Manual Revolving Door TSA 325 NT

Manual revolving doors are suited for limited traffic and door diameters of up to approximately 3000 mm.

Product features

  • Manually operated revolving door in three or four leaf versions
  • Ideal for use with limited traffic: The door is spacious, but not too big and can easily be operated by anybody
  • A light push with the hand is enough to start the door turning
  • Safety features are not necessary in accordance with DIN 18650 - Cost benefit !
  • Draught-free entrance area - keeps noise, dirt and dust out of the building
  • Also available as all-glass version
  • Operating modes: "Locked" and "Hand"
  • The optional rotation limiter activates when the upper revolution limit is achieved and prevents a further increase of speed
  • The optional positioning automation with a motor concealed in the ceiling or the floor turns the door, after manual access and using a low force, back to the starting position ready for the next person

Revolving door



Fully automatic


Rim height [mm]



200 / 75 with underfloor drive


Interior dimension

1800-3000 (max. 3600)




Headroom [mm]
(increased avai- lable on request)

up to 3000

up to 3000 

up to 3000 

up to 2600

No.of leafs 3 / 4





Breakout Approval

  yes     no      optional