GEZE laser scanner GC 342

Laser scanner for the protection of automatic swing doors in compliance with DIN 18650/EN 16005

GEZE GC 342 is a “mobile” sensor for the protection of swing leaf doors with widths of up to 1,600 mm in compliance with standards. It operates on the principle of active infrared laser technology and optical triangulation. The GC 342 is preferred for use with wide doors, difficult floor conditions (e.g. floor mats, metal rails, dark and absorbent floors) and in particular on doors with continuous vertical pull handle.

The close-meshed detection field provides special protection with a wide field of detection over the whole door width. In addition, the sensor has a wall blanking feature which makes it possible to guarantee maximum safety even with doors that open against walls. The sensor learns its environment automatically via a teaching run. Protection of all GEZE swing door drives with door leaf widths of up to 1,600 mm is achieved with only one sensor system. The GC 342 not only offers benefits during installation and commissioning – settings such as the position of the interface, surroundings, floor type and secondary closing edge protection can be completed easily via DIP switches.

Product features:

  • Project and wall blanking in the proximity of full door opening
  • Optimum protection of the door across the full door width - the field of protection on the main closing edge expands automatically according to the door angle
  • Extended secondary closing edge protection on both sides of the door; depending on door situation and application, an additional finger safety is required to protect elderly persons, children and persons with disabilities
  • The system learns automatically using one button
  • Protection even with difficult floor conditions (e.g. door mat, metal rail, dark and absorbing flooring, shiny and wet tiles, grating).
  • Smaller pack sizes simplify storage and transport

Information about ordering and product details can be found in the GEZE Activation Devices and Sensor Systems brochure.