19.01.17 BAU 2017: The GEZE front door pack: accessible, secure and 'smart'

The new modular and customised GEZE front door pack turns a simple front door into an automated access solution that can be integrate

18.01.17 BAU 2017: Multifunctional with centralised control units - The Powerturn F-IS/TS swing door drive system: the 'strong' connection of automatic doors and door closer technology

Automatic door systems can be integrated into building management systems via the IO 420 BACnet interface module, and controlled cent

    GEZE front door pack
    The GEZE front door pack is the barrier-free solution for private entrance doors for houses and apartment buildings. Learn more!
    Clever: the Powerturn online door calculator
    Determine easily and quickly which areas of application the Powerturn is suited for best. Learn more!
    BIM elements – the new way of planning
    You can design and deliver door objects simply, quickly and securely using GEZE BIM objects. Learn more!
    GC 342 laser scanner
    GEZE is launching a new presence detector for the top technological segment with its latest compact safety sensor GC 342 for automatic swing door systems. Learn more!